The first car-specific sanitizing gel dispenser, CARhandGEL has been designed to be compatible with all cars on the market, as it is inserted inside the cup holder. Made of hard plastic, anti-sale, it can be customized with any graphics at the customer's request. CARhandGEL is a practical object that will be indispensable in all cars from now on, the CoronaVirus and this period will deeply change many of our habits, but we will not stop driving!! 


CARhandGEL is supplied empty and can be refilled with any sanitizing GEL on the market, or on request it is supplied with the first refill included, 150 ml of sanitizing GEL produced in Italy by a market leader company. In fact, CARhandGEL is equipped with a special patented vent valve that allows the vapours of the alcohol-based sanitizing gel to escape in minimum doses if the temperature inside the car reaches high levels. In this way you don't have to worry about leaving the car in the sun during the hottest periods and finding the exploded or deformed gel container. CARhandGEL is also removable and washable. Once you have finished the gel inside, you can change it by simply removing the pump and inserting a new CARhandGEL refill. All this is particularly useful for car rentals, car sharing operators and large fleets.  


CARhandGEL for the most demanding is customizable, both in the screen-printed graphics and in the colour of the silicone rubber. In fact, on request you can request your logo or your slogan on the rubber or on the jar. The structure of CARhandGEL is always black.

Health is priceless and not a cliché, least of all if it is everyone's health that is threatened at the same time. A simple gesture such as disinfecting our hands serves to prevent a possible contagion, and doing so when you are out of the house is not always possible. Having a special dispenser in the car can help us to do it in the best possible way. Nothing will be the same as before, but the man is an extraordinary being and learns!